Graphene nano-onion (only a half is visualized) made by 14 concentric fullerenes (from C60 to C10140,  52920 atoms in total) and relaxed by MD simulation.

Complexity: the study of the phenomena which emerge from a collection of interacting objects.
[Neil F. Johnson, “Two’s company, three is complexity”, Oneworld Publications 2009.]

The figure shows isolated atoms that progressively bind together forming two hexagonal lattices, whose superposition forms a moirè pattern – the emergent complex phenomenon.
Faceting superstructure appearing in monochiral (external) and bichiral (internal) double-wall nanotubes upon relaxation.
[R. Guerra et. al, Nature Nanotechnology 2016, 11, 1082; Nano Letters 2017, 17, 5321]
A thermal gradient applied on a graphene sheet will induce a thermophoretic force on an adsorbate cluster, directed from hot to cold and proportional to ΔT.   [PNAS 2017, 114, E7035]